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After I kidnap the beautiful princess, we will be married immediately in a quiet civil ceremony, not a lavish spectacle in three weeks' time during which the final phase of my plan will be carried out.


The princess was struggling against the two holding her arms but they wouldn’t let her go. She glared, as the walked through a door. She looked forward to see two people talking at the desk. One a girl, one a boy both looking similar. Luir cleared his throat and the two looked up. “Oh you got her,” The guy muttered looking more annoyed at her arrival.

“Yeah and it was a pain in the butt. She had like twelve bodyguards.” Luir argued. Had him and kilo not planned out there ambush perfectly they would have easily gotten killed.

“And they killed them all. I hope you’re proud.”

Vess clapped, “Yeah I am, good job guys." He said will a sigh.

Luir glared at him "you don't sound happy we did it."

"Would you be happy if you had a wonderful partner but had to marry" Vess waved at the princess "at least Xetar Is understanding."

"And thinks it will be fun to be a royal." Rivatha said which Vess nodded to.

"I would be willing to take the job of marring her if that is what you need me to do. I have no partner and no plans for now. All you need is the authority of the royal right?"

The princess looked between them all as Vess blinked trying to comprehend Kilo. "You'll marry her?"

He nodded "Like I said I don't-"

Vess held up his hand to stop Kilo "are you sure?"

Kilo nodded again opening his mouth to say so something when Rivatha Interrupted him "Yay, wedding!”

The princess rolled her eyes surprised they hadn't figured this out before they captured her, “so how long do I have to wait.”

Vess smiled, “well I was going to try and delay it as long as possible, since I didn't want to do it but now? Not too long. It will be tonight. It will be the five of us and a priest, something nice and simple.”

“What!” The princess’ eyes went wide, “but that doesn’t leave any time for me to get sa-…I mean that doesn’t leave any time for me to get ready.”

“Oh I know, but don’t worry. I doubt the priest will judge. Now then, guys put her in a cell. Then I need you to go out and pick up the priest.” The two nodded dragging her off as she kicked and screamed about how he wouldn’t get away with this. Vess just rolled his eyes before going back to talking to Rivatha.

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