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What I've written and where you can get it.


The Cursed Item Merchant

Menda spent her whole childhood living a simple life in the village. A serene and happy existence surrounded by the love of her family and friends. But all changed on one perilous evening when the blight of the Dark Dragon emerged, raining fire down upon the people of her home.
In a chance encounter, a cursed coat binds to her as a power source saving the town by absorbing the fire of the dragon’s breath. Fulfilling her part of the deal, Menda's life changes forever. After a separation and a reunion the two learn to become friends.
Together, they journey the land discovering other cursed items and finding opportunities for the mysterious artifact to find mighty attachments just like theirs

Children of The Elements

Nine unlikely souls, each with a unique end that sprouted a new beginning.

The kids were chosen, the means to sacrifice were prepared. They weren't the first kids to be sacrificed but they were the first brought back.

One after another the nine woke up to their new lives with only a single memory from their past life providing them each a goal.

Knowledge, regain, revenge, protection, escape, safety, strength, family, romance

Butterfly tattoos and unique sight will guide them to each other. But can they find one another before Chabnorl does?

Fueled by his jealousy and remorse, he will stop at nothing for personal revenge.

~*~ Wind ~*~ Darkness ~*~ Light ~*~ Water ~*~ Lightning ~*~ ~*~ Fire ~*~ Ice ~*~ Earth ~*~ Nature ~*~

Do they stand a chance against the man who hunts them down?

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