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All slain enemies will be cremated, or at least have several rounds of ammunition emptied into them, not left for dead at the bottom of the cliff. The announcement of their deaths, as well as any accompanying celebration, will be deferred until after the aforementioned disposal. ________________________________________

Aldro was hanging off the cliff glaring up at Luir, “well I guess this is the end for you.” Luir looked around them for a moment. "At least it's a nice looking place to die."

“I admit…I…thought Vess…would be…the end of me.” Aldro said struggling to hold on.

“Well you know, he has a busy schedule.” Luir said before stomping on Aldro's hand causing him to fall. He brought his phone out and called Vess. After the fourth ring Vess picked it up. “You really should try to pick up your phone earlier. Anyways, Aldro fell off a cliff, so he should be dead.”

“Are you sure?”

Luir looked over the edge but he couldn't see the bottom “No. What, do you want me to climb down there and check?”

“Yeah, that’s why I asked.”

“You…” he took a big breath, “fine I’ll call you back when I get down there.” he knew he wasn't going to argue out of it.

It took him twenty minutes to get to the bottom of the cliff, even while holding onto the top he tied to a rock. He didn't do to much of this so his footing was unsure. He had managed to slip only once though and thankfully close to the bottom.

He was winded when he did but he walked along the small river at the bottom till he found Aldro washed up on the shore. Luir didn't get close since he could see from here he had suffered from damage from the fall. He called Vess back and sighed as it again rang four times before he picked up. “Okay I’m here, his body is right next to me what do you want me to do?”

“Take out your gun and shoot him in the back.” Luir sighed as he did what he was told, and Aldro screamed out in pain. He started to pull himself up the bank trying to get away from Luir. “See just like I thought, he was still alive. Do me a favor and actually kill him this time then head back.”

Luir glared at Aldro shooting him in the head before looking up the cliff, “can’t I just stay here in this nice hole and not have to climb up?”

“No, Riv would be to worried.” Luir grumbled to himself as he ended the call, heading back the way he came he hoped of he walked farther up the path there would be a pathway to walk up rather then using the rope he had left for himself.

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