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One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation. ________________________________________

Vess and Luir were looking over their latest plan for taking over the next kingdom. The kingdom had been a problem for them having been surrounded fully by walls only allowing them to attack from the front door. It wasn't an option they liked, it would cause them to lose to many men, and we're currently trying to find a different way in.

When the door to the office quickly opened with a bang. The two jumped, Luir pulling his sword and pointed at those who entered to see it was Kilo and Rivatha. Rivatha seemed to be holding a bundle something in her arms.

Vess sighed as he sat down, as Luir shouted at them putting his sword away but still holding the hilt “Did you really have to open the door like that? I thought we were under attack!”

Rivatha gave him a small smile, "sorry." She turned to her brother, “Hey so…you know how you said we could pretty much do what we want?” Rivatha bit her lip and rocked back on her heals.

“Oh no. What did you bring this time?” Rivatha bit her lip once more before removing the top of the cover to show that she had a little girl in her arms. The little girl was shaking slightly and held on to Rivatha a little harder. “A kid? Where did you even pick her up from?”

“We found her on the street. She was being beaten up by a really mean guy.” Rivatha held the girl closer to herself. “Can she stay with us?” when the little girl noticed they weren't paying attention to her she looked around the room instead spending more time on the pictures on the desk.

Vess sighed, “you know I would love to Riv but she's a liability. Plus if you get attached to her I don’t know if Aldro is moral enough not to use her against you.”

Rivatha looked down, a frown on her face and her eyes watery when the little girl reached out and pulled on Vess’ sleeve.

“What’s that?” she said in a weak voice, as if she hadn’t spoken in a while.

Vess looked to see she was pointing to his battle plan, “that’s how we are going to attach the next town. They have really big gates and walls so we need to go through them.”

Luir looked at the girl to get a better look at her, “what’s your name?”

She clung to Rivatha with the new attention, “Jophia. My mom named me.” Luir nodded and when he looked at Vess to say something Jophia looked at the paper again before looking at Vess, interrupted Luir. “Why not under?”

“What?” Vess looked quickly at the picture before back to her.

“Well going through is loud right? No one likes loud noise. If you go under you won’t upset anyone because you’ll be quiet.”

Vess’ eyes went wide and he looked at Luir. “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Luir shrugged, “it was a really simple idea, and we weren’t trying to not disturb people.” he muttered moving one of the pictures closer to him. Already planning the best way to go under. It would take longer but less men lost.

Vess looked down at his plans once more before looking at Rivatha who had a hopefully smile. Vess sighed, “Okay Riv you can keep her as long as she checks over my plans to make sure we didn’t miss simple things.”

Rivatha smiled and nodded her head, “of course.” She then looked down at Jophia. “Come on first we need to give you a bath, then you need to get new clothing and then food…”she kept talking as she walked out the door. Kilo following behind her, still working even though they were in the base because spies could be anywhere

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