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I will not interrogate my enemies in the inner sanctum -- a small hotel well outside my borders will work just as well. ________________________________________

Tatir groaned as she lifted her head. It was dark and she couldn’t see or move. She could feel something tying her down to what she assumed was a chair since she was sitting down on something.

She blinked trying to remember what had happened, she had just been heading out to do some spying when...

She heard a door open before lights flashed in her face. Once her eyes adjusted she still couldn’t see much more but she did see Vess and Luir step into the light. Her eyes went wide and she struggled slightly remembering now she had seen them before being knocked out. She had tried to fight the two but they got the upper hand because of numbers.

“Oh good, you know what trouble you're in.” Vess glared at her stepping closer. “Now then, where are Rivatha and Kilo?”

Tatir laughed, “Like I would tell you.” She looked around the darkness, “I wonder how long it will be till Aldro finds where your base is.”

Luir smiled but Tatir could see him playing with the hilt of his sword, slightly pulling it from it's sheath and then putting it back, “I doubt he’ll find it.”

Tatir shook her head, “They’ll find me and your base.”

“We figured they’d find you.” Luir muttered looking away causing Tatir to frown. She couldn't understand why the two weren't worried.

"Well either way I won’t tell you anything. Do you know how pathetic Rivatha was? Once Kilo was knocked out she held him and tried to keep him safe. Kilo is a terrible bodyguard.” she could see the glare get fiercer from both of them but she didn't care.

“Glad to know you think so. Now tell me where they are.” Vess said tapping his foot.

“I’m sorry? You think I’m going to tell you anything?”

“Fine then.” He turned to Luir. “So she won’t talk, take her hand.”

Luir nodded and headed towards her drawing out his sword "which one is your dominate hand?"

Tatir started to struggled against her bindings. “What?”

"I said what hand is your dominate one?" When she didn't answer he shrugged before grabbing on if her hands and laid it flat against the armrest, “sorry about having to use this. It’ll hurt more and take longer but I couldn’t find a saw.”

He placed the sword on her wrist pushing down lightly to form a small cut before lifting it up. Right before he brought it down Tatir shouted, “okay!”

Luir and Vess looked at each other before looking back at Tatir who was shaking, Luir never dropping his arm.

“Okay I’ll tell you…” The two stayed silent, “they are in the town of Ineos. They are in the basement of the mayor’s house.”

Vess nodded, “come on let’s go.”

Luir frowned bringing the sword down slower. He didn't aim to chop but to cut making the cut on her wrist deeper then before but not bad enough to effect her hand. "That's for laughing at them." He growled before turning to what she assumed was the door.

“Wait, aren’t you going to untie me?”

Vess looked her over for a moment “Why should we? Didn’t you yourself say Aldro would be coming for you?”

“But….do you really want him to come to your base?”

Vess turned from her and walked the way Luir went she was about to say something when his voice came from the darkness. “That reminds me. We need to pay for the hotel room.”

With that he flicked the lights on in the room. Tatir blinked a few times to adjust to the new light levels to find she was in a run down hotel room a light placed in front of her to blind her.

She looked around it to see Vess standing at the door. "Enjoy your stay,” He said before closing the door. With it closed tatir started to struggle more but that only made the wound in her wrist worst. All she could do now was wait for Aldro and hope she hadn't killed him by giving away the base.

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