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(6) I will not gloat over my enemies' predicament before killing them

It had been a hard battle. Aldro had even managed to stab Luir, despite three of them attacking him at once, in the leg so he couldn’t move. Still since they didn't know if Aldro had other back up, he was at the door of the room to make sure anyone didn't sneak up on them.

Currently Aldro was weaponless holding his arm, trying to stop the blood flowing down it. He glared up at Vess and Kilo who looked down at him, leaning over him slightly.

Aldro smirked, “So what now?”

Vess pointed his sword at him, “what do you mean?”

“Well you killed Tatir.” he did his best to not look at the body. “So what are you going to do now? Are you going to brag about how better you are than me? How your team worked better than Tatir and I?”

“Oh.” Vess smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that.” Before Aldro could say another word Vess stabbed him in the throat. Vess frowned, “we maybe should have done this outside, now we need to clean up their blood.” he frowned as the blood flowed over the floor from both bodies.

Kilo patted his shoulder, “Fix Luir, then clean.” he turned to leave the room stepping over Luir who glared at him and Vess followed him.

Vess crouched by Luir shaking his head at Kilo who was still walking away. "How you doing?"

"Much better now that they are taken care of." He muttered still putting pressure on the wound.

"You think you can stand?"

Luir shook his head "not without losing more blood then I already have." Vess frowned not knowing what they were going to do when they heard the sound of running.

Not knowing who it was Vess stood up standing in front of Luir with his sword at the ready "what are you doing?"

"Protecting you."

"That's my job" Luir said trying to pull Vess back into the room by his pants leg. When the running person turned the corner to end up being Rivatha both relaxed.

"I ran over as soon as Kilo told me one of you were hurt." She said slightly out of breath. "I was closed he has gone to get one of the doctors to really take care of you." She still kneeled down next to Luir, pushing Vess out of the way, to look at the wound.

"Well look at that, even when not working Kilo cares for you" Vess said looking down at Luir.

Luir rolled his eyes "he probably just doesn't want to do my job."

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