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(4) Shooting is not too good for my enemies.

Aldro and Tatir had tried their best against the four. They knew the four would be traveling this route and had hidden out in the best place to ambush them.

When they jumped from cover ready to attack Luir seemed to have known they were there his sword already drawn.

The plan had been two on one to take down at least Vess but Kilo and Luir seemed to be flanking him when the attack happened. Rivatha had been working to catch up so while the two could have attacked her if they turned their backs to do so the three would have stabbed them in the back.

It was a long battle but with the third person advantage they were slowly worn down until they couldn't even fight. Their sword being taken and being pushed to the ground.

Vess smiled down at the two while Rivatha moved closer now that the fighting was over. “A sneak attack? I'll admit am surprised you thought we were dangerous enough to need it." Vess crossed put his sword away but Luir and Kilo's kept the two from moving. "Since you amused me I'll let you pick how you die."

Aldro laughed out loud. "You're so confident we don't have more allies to save us?"

Vess laughed at that "if you had they would have been used in your attack. No I know you're alone. So pick."

Aldro pointed to the gun on Vess' hip “do those guns even have any bullets? Or are you to afraid to use it?" Aldro said with a smirk.

He heard a click behind him and felt a cold touch to his head. “You know he isn’t the only one with a gun.” He sat up a little taller.

Vess stood up straighter then. “Riv!” the other three look at him. “Haven’t I told you before that that’s too good for them?"

Aldro chuckled as Rivatha put away her gun with a frown. “Sorry.” she muttered.

Vess shook his head with a sigh. “I know, I’m sorry I yelled. Okay.” He moved right in front Aldro. Vess pulled out his gun pointing it him. “But only your gun is too good for him. Mine on the other hand…” he chuckled before shooting him through the head, “mine is perfectly fine.”

Rivatha crossed her arms ignoring Tatir curling into herself and sobbing, “why is mine too good but yours isn’t?”

“Yours is mostly to protect you. While mine is for killing our enemies that wish to hurt you.” She pouted as Vess shot Tatir in the head as well.

"You're babying me. That’s not fair. I can protect myself. I am older.”

"You're only older by a few minutes." Vess put away his gun kicking Aldro's body as he moved over to Rivatha “I’m just worried you might not pay attention to your ammo.”

Rivatha stomped her foot. “I do pay attention.”

Luir nodded. “Just like last time when you kept running out of ammo and having to ask Kilo for some of his.”

Rivatha held up a finger. “That was one time. Plus we were using a lot of bombs I just kept losing count.” She had a bright smile on her face, "and how could I keep count with so many beautiful explosions happening in front of me?"

"Anyone could have." Luir muttered putting his sword to his side but not away.

Vess sighed and shook his head, “and that is why for now you aren’t allowed to use your gun unless it will save your life or someone else's.”

Rivatha sighed knowing she wouldn’t win a three on one battle “fine. But I get to use as many bombs as I want." She crossed her arms and Vess nodded.

Rivatha smiled brightly then before continuing the way they were going the other three following leaving the two bodies for whoever stumbled on them.

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