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(3) My noble half-brother whose throne I usurped will be killed, not kept anonymously imprisoned in

“I need an update!” Amel shouted, banging on his throne. His half siblings had been attacking him for weeks trying to take over the kingdom.

“Well you see sir…” One of his advisors said before the doors opened with a bang.

“Your advisors aren’t that loyal, are they? Only telling you now that we were knocking at your door.” Vess walked in with a sneer. Rivatha looked around at all the decorations in the room as well as at the people. Kilo stayed close behind the two and Luir walked at an even pace, though his eyes seemed to be trying to look at everyone at the same time.

Amel stood up a hand going to a gun that wasn’t there, “When…when did you get here?”

Vess chuckled. “It was simple. I’m surprised you thought we wouldn’t attack at night just because we haven’t yet.” Vess started to walk up the steps to the throne, the other three not following.

Amel backed up when Vess got close and they circled each other. Vess’ smile grew as he sat on the throne. “Well, now that I have your throne, what should we do with you? We can’t lock you up.”

“What! Why not?”

Vess crossed his arms, “well, you could break out. Which would then allow you to try and kill me or Riv.”

Amel brought his hands up as if to surrender and moved them forward as if he was trying to push the idea away from him. “I-I wouldn’t. But if that’s what you're worried about, banish me,” He said, bringing a hand to his chest.

Vess pulled out his gun and pointed it at Amel. “Now that won’t work. If we banish you, you could just gather a huge army and come take the throne back.” Amel went to take a step back, and accidently fell down the stairs, landing on his back at Rivatha’s feet.

He looked up at her. “Please Rivatha, save me.” He clasped his hands together. “I’ll promise you whatever you want.”

Rivatha smiled at him, pulling her gun out, and squatted down to point it between his eyes. “Will you really promise me anything?” her eyes were wide and her smile small and soft.

He would have nodded his head if he could. “Yeah, anything you want.”

“Glad to hear that. You can give me your life”

“What! But-”

Rivatha pulled the trigger and then stood up looking up at Vess, “that was what you wanted, right?”

Vess nodded, “yeah, but you should have made him promise you a bunch of stuff first. Just to make sure we got all of it.”

Rivatha chuckled "what can he keep from us now that he is dead?"

Vess crossed his arms "what if he has a secret room that only he knows about?"

Rivatha started to head up the steps. "A bit of searching would find it. You're being to greedy."

"We deserve it after what his father did to mother and us."

Rivatha sighed. She knew this was where the conversation was heading. Once she got to the top she gave him a hug as best she could while he was sitting. He leaned into it "I miss her" Vess whispered.

"I do to." She pulled away slightly and gave him a hopefully smile "once we find those hidden riches do you want to make a giant statue of mom stabbing his father through the head?"

Vess burst out laughing as the suggestion and Rivatha knew eventually that would be something to exist here.

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