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(2)My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through.

Luir was looking over the plans for the new base. They had recently moved one closer to the new front line and he had to make sure it was up to Kilo's standards. That way he wouldn’t have a fit about the security of Vess and Rivatha. He was walking along the new halls, blueprints on hand, to make sure they all lined up. When one of his officers Weblis called out to him. “Sir?”

Luir stopped but kept looking at the plans. Letting Weblis catch up to him before he kept walking. “What is it?”

Weblis fell in step looking around as they walked making sure the two didn't bump into anything. “Well I remember when we started, Lord Vess was really specific about the vents and other parts of the inner workings of the base. Like water pipes and such.”

Luir nodded his head, “yeah I remember. What about it?” he looked to the side and nodded his head seeing the window that was marked down on the plans was finished.

“Well, why?”

“What do you mean why?”

“Why did he care so much about them?”

Luir chuckled at him for a moment but when Weblis didn't join in he frowned and looked at him. "Oh you're serious?" Weblis nodded.

Luir sighed but moved the plans so Weblis could see them “Okay look, I’ll show you.”

He pointed to one vent that connected to outside closer to the ground. “See this?” Weblis nodded his head. “If it was big enough, you could get up to it with a ladder. Then once you were inside, you could follow this vent to here,” He moved his finger along the vent path until he was pointing to their kitchen. "Which would allow someone to poison our food or water." Weblis knew they always had someone in the kitchen so that wasn't possible but let Luir continue.

“Or here.” Again, moving along the path until he got to the doorway of the dungeons. "Where someone could unlock all the prisoners and have us over run." Another thing Weblis knew couldn't happen as Vess was careful with how many prisoners they held in each base.

“Or even worse, here.” His finger ended in a room labeled Vess’ office. “Do you know how quickly Kilo would find and kill everyone of us if we let a pathway like that be created? And it’s the same principal with the water pipes. Understand?” Weblis nodded his head quickly. While Luir's other fears had been blown out of proportion his fear of Kilo was not.

Everyone was afraid of making Kilo mad.

“Good. Now, since you understand, go check to see if they are the right size.”

Weblis bit his lip "but you already checked twice." He muttered.

Luir glared, "And that won't be enough to stop Kilo if we got it wrong so go check it again." Weblis sighed but nodded knowing once Luir had a worry in his head the only way to fix it was doing what he said. He went off in search of a ladder hoping him physically checking would quell Luir's worries when it popped up again.

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