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(17) When I employ people as advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice

Vess looked around the table looking at the few advisors he had. Anyone who wanted to become one of his advisors had to go through a vigorous test. It was tough, not many people were able to complete it. The most he had were five people that he found surprisingly he could trust.

Today he had asked them to help him figure out what he had to do for this next town. "So as I told you before the king of this town refuses to bow down to us. Now I don't want to be cruel but I will do anything that needs to be done to complete my goal."

One of the advisors spoke first, "well sir, I hate to offer this but I would suggest we go to war. It isn't like I want to, but I see no other way of obtaining the city."

Vess sighed, "I feared that it would come to this. If no one has any other suggestions then I would suggest we start planning on how to go to war with this city."

Another advisor spoke up though a little quieter, "well sir… I-I have an idea." He paused for a moment as if trying to gain his breath. Vess recognized him as his newest advisor. "You see sir, I noticed that the King has been starving his people. So what I would suggest is that if we give his people food they'll probably willingly work for us against their king. If they do we won't have to go to war we'll simply have to enter the gates helped by the people."

Vess stared at the advisor for a moment before smile came to his face. "Can't believe I didn't think of that. It's a good thing you're paying attention or else we would have completely missed that. I’ll get Rivatha on the right away." Without another word Vess left the room clapping the advisor on the shoulder as he . The advisers looked among each other before getting up and leaving. They were all pretty glad that a war hadn't been started because of them.

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