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(14) The hero is not entitled to a last kiss, a last cigarette, or any other form of last request.

Aldro breathed heavily as he tried to get his composure back. He had just been through an intense torture session with Vess. He tried to get out of the binds that held him to the chair but they were too tight.

Vess had wanted to know where the resistance was but Aldro would never give him that information. He looked up quickly when the door opened but the only one entering was Rivatha. He looked down with a small smile, he knew exactly how to get out of here.

When he heard her footsteps come closer he looked up at her with slightly wide eyes, he even shook slightly to help sway Rivatha. “Wh-what do yo-you want?”

She frowned with how weak he sounded, “Vess said you weren’t breaking and being really stubborn.”

He dropped his head, “I…I don’t know….if I tell you anything they’ll kill me.”

Rivatha slapped her hand down on his shoulder where a cut making him flinch. “Well don’t worry, since you haven’t told anything to us. Vess told me to kill you.”

Aldro nodded slowly before looking up at Rivatha again, “then…can I at least have one last kiss? I’ve always thought you were really smart and pretty.”

Rivatha smiled, “that’s sweet of you. Close your eyes and I’ll give it to you.” Aldro did with a small smile, which threatened to be a bigger one. The next thing he knew there was a sharp pain in his stomach, “it, of course being a knife in your gut like Vess said.”

“Wh…why?” Aldro said pain filling his voice.

“You mean besides the fact I would never kiss you in a hundred years?” she gave a smile as he glared at her. “You have something on your lip. I don’t know what, but who ever made it tried to make it skin color but they made it a little to red.” His eyes went wide, he had thought the poison had been the right color.

She ripped off a part of his sleeve before grabbing his cheeks tightly and started to wipe it off. "But I'm a nice person." She gave him a smile while she held the ripped cloth in front of him. "You can either die from the gut wound or your own poison." When she moved it closer he moved his head away. He had done his best to not lick his lips this whole time just to avoid it. Rivatha frowned as she looked at the piece of cloth "this must be something really bad if you would prefer a slow bleeding death."

She smiled and tapped his cheek lightly, "thanks for the info. I'll bring this to Mirah to see if she can figure out what it is."

Aldro's eyes went wide he knew that would be bad. The flowers made to use the poison were local to the resistance base but rare. "No wait I'll-"

Rivatha smiled "oh you have more info? I'll get Vess. He'll love to hear you tried to poison me." She poked the blade still in his gut and he hissed in pain. "I'll give you a chance of dieing before he gets here, but not a big one." With that she turned to leave the room Aldro glaring at her retreating back. She had more things to do right now, first finding Vess. She didn't want to give Aldro to big a chance.

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