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(1) My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones.

Vess was looking over paperwork for what they needed to fix in the city they had just taken over. He had been at it most of the day but couldn’t take a break until he was sure the city would be fine on its own for a month without them. That was until Rivatha came into the door with a few papers. Vess looked up when she dumped the pile on his desk.

“What do you think you're doing?” he asked, putting the papers he was holding off to the side of the desk, not wanting it to get mixed in with the new papers.

Rivatha sighed putting her hands on her hips. “Well, Luir said that we need better uniforms and that the current ones didn’t work well enough for him.”

“Really? Didn’t he design them?”

Rivatha chuckled nodding her head, “I think he finally figured out that he can’t blend colors together. Which seems to be his only problem with them. They have enough armor for him.”

Vess rolled his eyes. “Come on Riv, if it’s only colors, do we really need them now?”

Rivatha pouted and pushed the papers closer to him. “Come on, Vess, please? It won't take long. just pick one.”

“Okay…okay I’ll look.” He looked between the two. Both papers had the same picture drawn on them. Vess smiled as he noticed it was Xater the one that was drawn. At Rivatha's chuckle he glared at her before focusing on the colors that were on the pictures.

Both were a mixture of blue, since that was the main color they all picked, and another color. The first was blue with black as it's accent while the second was blue with grey accents. Both had helmets with face guards as well, the first it was a black guard to match the accents while the second had a clear guard.

Vess shook his head before crumpling up the black one and passed the other one back to Rivatha. “We should use that one.”

Rivatha pouted, “Why didn’t you like mine?”

Vess looked at the paper that was crumpled up then went back to looking at Rivatha. “There are two reasons. First,” he held up a finger, “we can use the coloring to look less evil and doing so can trick people. While we are taking over towns if we can make the people agree with us and look to us then we will have less lives lost. Two,” he held up another finger, “with your design, anyone trying to sneak into our base just has to get the uniform. While the black visor would give them all a more uniform look, we wouldn’t be able to tell if Aldro or Tatir have snuck into our ranks. Understand?”

Rivatha sighed, “I guess.” She bent the corner of the paper she was holding, not looking at him.

Vess looked at the crumpled paper again before looking back at her, “To make it up to you, you can create our outfits, okay?”

She looked off to the side scratching her cheek lightly. “But we have outfits already?”

Vess raised an eyebrow at her. “You usually need more than one. We aren’t going to give the army only one uniform so why should we only have one outfit?”

Rivatha started to bounce. “Really?”

Vess’ smiled, “Yes, we need an outfit that will make us stand out but not look rich. Something that will make the civilians look up to us, but not think we are showing off our wealth.”

Rivatha nodded her head. “No problem. I’ll bring this to Luir right away and start working on them,” She said before running out of the room, almost slamming the door on her way out.

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