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What happened after (10)


Vess and Luir hid in the trees behind the mayor's house. It had been easy enough to find once they entered the town it was the biggest by a long shot. Since they got their info from tatir they didn't have to look through it at least though they did need to look for a door to the basement.

The two had been hiding for an hour or two looking for the best time to enter without hopefully getting seen. Stealth wasn't normally their thing, they usually left that to kilo and Rivatha, but with the two being captured they didn't want them getting killed because of a loud entrance.

"I hate this," Luir muttered.

"I know," Vess whispered keeping a watch on the advancing guards. Noticing that they would only have one group constantly lapping the house. That meant it gave them sometime if the back door was locked.

"We don't know what is happening to them."

"As much as I hate to say it Kilo is there so Rivatha isn't getting hurt." Vess looked to Luir and noticed how tight he was gripping the branch.

"But that means Aldro is in there. Which means he could be doing anything to kilo. He could be taking off his fingers or poking out his eyes or-"

"Luir stop, take a breath. You need to stop thinking about this." This was not the time for his paranoid to pop up. "I need you to focus more on getting to them then what is happening to them okay?"

Luir took a few deep breaths before slowly letting go of the branch he had been holding "okay when are we going in?"


"Stop it!" Rivatha shouted as kilo was cut again. the two were tied up across from each other Aldro the one doing harm.

Kilo groaned then smirked, "he would never. Simply a coward using his limited time of power to hurt those powerless against him."

"Kilo stop taunting him, stop taking the pain."

Kilo shook his head sutly hoping Aldro wouldn't see and opened his mouth to talk some more, "he is to much of a weakling to kill. Only able to cause harm and nothing more."


Aldro glared at him "I figured hurting you would be enough to make her talk but maybe killing you would do it." Aldro raised his arm up aimed at Kilo's neck.

"No!" Rivatha shouted as he brought his arm down. It was caught by Vess even before it got close to him, pulling the sword from Aldro's hand for good measure.

Luir rushed forward to kneel in front of Rivatha, "are you okay?"

"He didn't touch me. Check Kilo first." Rivatha said tears streaming down her face but this time our of relief.

He patted her head quickly, and she leaned into it, before moving to check on Kilo "how you doing?"

"He was only able to cut a little nothing was permanently harmed and as always no harm was done to Rivatha so the victory was mine of the two of us and-"

Luir pushed his head lightly "alright stop waisting your breath." He started to untie Kilo and take care of his bigger wounds.

Once Vess knocked out Aldro he moved over to Rivatha and helped getting her untied giving her a hug as soon as she was free. "I'm glad your safe."

"I'm glad you came" she whispered. "If you had been later Kilo would have..." She gripped him tighter and buried her head in his shoulder. He rubbed her back as his shoulder got wet.

Once she was done they broke away to see Luir had finished with Kilo as well. When Kilo tried to stand up Vess flicked his forehead forcing him back in the seat.

Kilo rubbed his forehead "why did you hit me if you are already mad about my wounds?"

"Because you were being an reckless."

Kilo waved at Rivatha, "it was to keep her safe. Something you told me was top priority how can I be reckless if I was following the order you gave me?"

Vess frowned "because you were egging Aldro on. You didn't let him speak," Kilo opened his mouth to say something but Vess stopped him "we were listening for a bit don't try to say you didn't. You two could have given a small amount of info and probably satisfied Aldro enough not to attack you without harming us."

"I'm sorry." Rivatha muttered.

Vess sighed, "I'm not blaming you, you were doing your best to get Kilo to stop talking to think about what to say." He looked to Kilo who still looked ready to say something before turning to Luir. "Was his head hit at all?"

Luir shook his head "not besides the one you gave him."

Vess nodded before turning to Kilo, "your done for the day. Today is now a break for you." He didn't want to use this method but he also didn't want Kilo yo use more energy then he needed.

It was a switch like always. As soon as the words left Vess' mouth Kilo started to change posture. He leaned back into the chair and curled into himself. Looking as if trying to get comfy in the chair he had been previously tied in.

Luir groaned knowing he, the only one strong enough to, would have to carry him out here and kilo would refuse to walk .

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