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Main Villain (Protagonist)

           She is the second in command for the bad guys, also she is Vess’ twin sister. The other three call her Riv for short but she will hurt anyone else who calls her that.

            She is the moral compass of the group. If it weren’t for her, the group would probably be a lot crueler with their methods. She is only a few minutes older but does let Vess lead in whatever they do. While she is the moral compass she has a love of explosions and if given the chance she will use them.

            Both her and Vess keep their hair the same length so they can act like each other. Her main weapon is long distance and can either be a bow or a gun depending on what I want for the story.

          The most cheerful of the group, she is really good at making the others laugh. Also whenever one of them is down they go to her to improve their mood.

Rivatha: Team Members
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