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General for Vess and Rivatha

     He is the main general of the bad guys, the reason as well as how he joined them might change for each story. Usually though it will be because they gained his trust. He will also have someone under him named Weblis because I don’t want Luir to not know the rules but I might need someone dumb to ask questions.

     For being the general of the whole army he is a very nervous person. Has a tendency to thinking of what could go wrong because there are too many outcomes. The only time this doesn’t come up is when he is fighting, mostly because there are only two outcomes he cares about for that. He either lives or dies. He is also good at strategies for battles and so Vess lets him handle it. Even though he is the best fighter of the group he is still afraid of Kilo since Kilo is very sneaky.

Luir: Team Members
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