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Lieutenant for Vess and Rivatha

    Falnea is the head lieutenant for Vess. She is a little lower than Luir, but she only will be used if I need someone to betray Vess. It would be way too often if I had Aldro sneak in and get close to enough to attack him.

     Falnea is a very straight forward, she believes in what Vess is doing but not how he is doing it. She plans to take over on her own and take the world the right way. When she isn’t trying to upshur, she likes to act as she care about the others. Being nice to the others and trying to get close to them to take all four out in one go. Rivatha is the only one who sees through her completely and so doesn’t like her. The others have slight suspicion of what she is planning.

Falnea: Team Members
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