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Assistant to Mirah

     Dreton had originally been in Vess' army, signed up by his father to make him tougher. He hadn't been very good at it and because of the rules had to train longer than everyone else. 

     One night while training he saw Mirah struggling with a door. He stopped his training to hold the door open but when he saw Mirah struggle with the cart he offered to push it as well. They talked as they walked and he found out who Mirah was and simply adored the lab when he saw it. 

     With a hidden test he didn't know he was taking he left hoping he would have an excuse to go back. The next morning when he was called to Vess’ office he was scared but calmed down a little when he saw Mirah. Hearing he was ordered to be her assistant was the best day of his life. He has fallen in love with Mirah but understands that Mirah doesn't love him back and is totally accepting of it.

Dreton: Team Members
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